Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

Action should be seen to have been put in place to cushion the public from the ever price hike of basic commodities. So many players in the market have come with policy after policy but traders are numb and dumb to all those irrespective of the situation facing the common-man with un-friendly pockets. One cannot understand why traders continue to dictate the life of the public with increment on almost house-hold goods regularly used for domestic purposes. Worse still is that shops charges whatever they feel like as if there is no law to safeguard the citizens.  It is time either the authority brings up the law that will protect the public from these greedy dealers. It was understood at the time of fuel shortage sometime last year but since this has improved why the basic items remained high with prices skyrocketing each day. There are families who have foregone eating dishes like meat because they cannot afford. The government should come up with a policy which can help in controlling prices of goods in the market. A number of business related unions or association keeps on talking every now and then about the action they intend to take to reduce or bring down prices of these commodities but with little action if any. What is needed is action not talks. There must be a road map in doing these otherwise the traders or dealers are having a field day at the expense of the burdened citizens. It should not be left to them to decide or dictate to the lives of many. It is time the authorities put down their feet and bring to an end the ever soaring market price of basic items. Citizens need relief to be able to recover and face the future with certainty. Prices of basic commodities must be affordable to the common-man.

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