Reports that six ministers snubbed house summons taste bitter in the mouth because of their action. They were required to address important issue in the name of flood and hunger of those affected after being called by parliamentarians to do so sometime back. Their appearance was planned and they knew when they were required to update the country. It is strange that they decided that they would not be there for the work they have been appointed to do. The cabinet is a policy making organ which gives the green light to those implementing government programs. There snubbing of the summons is a clear indication that something is afoot which must be addressed. It cannot be otherwise and  if so the august house need to take serious action against these and other ministers who would be thinking along these lines. The unity government’s national assembly must demonstrate by action that it or they have teeth to bite and put motion of the legislative assembly beyond reproach. The country cannot have a situation where those entrusted with public service delivery are doing the contrary. A noble way of being seen to be collectively working together is by taking time to present in advance reason(s) why one would fail to be available after being summoned. It is not a matter of waiting until the last minute for an excuse. This means there is lapse somewhere which should be tightened to avoid future loopholes. The minister are people respected and they should respect the appointing authority by just doing the right thing on their behalf. Service delivery to the general public. The flood has submerged and devastated many parts with Upper Nile mostly in worse condition. The minister must take their work seriously and if engaged somewhere must use the right way of presentation acceptable by the rules of the house. Not otherwise.

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