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Why should Dahabshiil management deny the truth?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers and entire people of South Sudan, I would like to clarify to you the facts on the Press statement published yesterday by No. 1 Citizen and the Dawn Newspaper in which the management of Dahabshiil denied the fact that Juba Monitor got information from them. On the current Bank of South Sudan Foreign Exchange on which the story was published on 20th of January this year by Juba Monitor newspaper, entitled “Alarming Central Bank USD rates shut off forexes”.  

 However, the management of Dahabshiil dismissed the statement published by Juba Monitor saying it was false and baseless. They demanded Juba Monitor management to apologize on the allegation. To make the above mentioned allegations clear to you, the Juba Monitor got the information from the staff of Dahabshiil.

It is not the way the management of Dahabshiil condemned what was published by Juba Monitor newspaper. I know any issue connected with money and dollars rate is sensitive, but the truth remains the point. If the person who released information was not the right person, the management of Dahabshiil is supposed to make it clear to the public in the statement published than denying it and claimed that Juba Monitor is wrong.

We are doing our work professionally with qualified staff that is why many people trust us and like to read Juba Monitor. If this is the way things are being done in this country, we cannot move ahead. If the Central Bank is meeting the demands of other banks and supporting business people, the rate of dollars will not increase, since last year up to this year. In this situation, the innocent citizens are the victims. They are the ones buying items in the markets with high prices.  

It is not a matter of denying the facts but what is happening is destroying the economy of this country, where is the improvement in the banks. They can defend themselves but people of South Sudan want to see improvement. President Salva Kiir Mayardit fired several Governors of Central Bank because he wants improvement and stability of local and foreign currencies in the country. If the management of Central Bank is doing well, why are the governors changed from time to time.

There is total failure in controlling the rates of dollars in the black market. Traders exchange dollar rates and fix prices of items at their own will because there is no system to stabilize the economy in the country.

For how long are people going to continue to suffer in this country with the issue of dollars inflation, we need change in this year. Any bank in the country is expected to do the right thing without damaging the economy of this country. If you are supporting the wrong thing affecting economy, you are anti-peace and not the right person or businessperson. Think of good change not supporting the wrong, it will not take you ahead. This country is for all of us.

 May God bless us all.

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