It seems as controversy will never leave the production and distribution of Coronavirus vaccines since the pandemic hit the world in December 2019. To date poor or developing countries have had only 0.4 percent people vaccinated against the total population of the world of almost eight billion. As on 22nd September 2021, the Africa population stood at 1.5 billion people and Asia four billion. Interestingly, it can be argued that of the total world population, the gap remains 99.6 percent in the hands of others who are not in the under-developed world. It is questionable why vaccines destined for these countries are sent in single or purposed doses unlike other parts of the developed world where massive doses of vaccines are sent to. In some of these countries there have been a number of unpredicted stand-off in the application of the COVID-19 vaccines which still remains the prerogative of the producing or manufacturing firms. It is time the west should tell thecontinent what was the real main issue in the selective distribution and if the real reason was to carry out their silent research. Times of being treated like guinea pigs are gone and each and every one must be given due respect as human beings. Our medics should stop dancing to the tune of the west at the expense of the continent’s population and instead come out with concrete and well defined approach in the distribution of the vaccine or be forced to support the continent’s production of the same. Trials have been carried out in some member states within the continent where the possibilities of encouraging local production are at hand but the west feels that this would deny them monopoly and mandate to be in charge of distributing their vaccines to the needy in the developing world. Such fear does not hold water and should be discarded with the same breath.

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