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I was engrossed in my own world thinking of what was happening far away in India where the people were dying en-masses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic when l came across a warning that says “places are opening because of the economy. Not because it is safe. Keep that in mind. Wash your hands. Wear mask. Keep social distance. Avoid crowds- Stay safe. Your family needs you.” This warning applies to everybody in all parts of the world. It is the most effective preventive measures recommended by the medics globally. I was still in this world far away from the real world in my mind when a colleague tapped me to draw my attention to a post talking about this column’s story yesterday titled “Screen the quack journalists” Someone called Utaz Emmanuel commented through a forum and l quote without editing the piece.

“The controversial guy is back. Me I lost respect for Odongo since he made negative remarks on our veteran Late Hon. Taban Alfred Logune.”

What he has written may be right but my mindset thinks he has always been undermining. With this statement he may indirectly be offering a ticket of torture and harassment” Without getting personal or replying directly, l wish to be judged with what is really me and who l am. No one is always perfect, but one is running without anyone following him or her then something is seriously wrong with that person. The saying that the guilty are afraid of the unknown could go far to be very true therefore insinuation of justification cannot stand the ground or hold. Respect is not demanded but earned in all circumstance. Minister Michael Makuei, a national minister and the government spokesperson revealed a day before the World Freedom Press Day that the government was in the process of screening journalists operating in the country to know each and every individual’s status. These are not my words or order but my duty to inform, educate and entertain the general public whose service delivery are vested on me among other players. Those who are in the professional bracket have nothing to fear or run away without being followed by anyone. Actually this is the normal state of affairs in many countries. The practicing journalists must go through such exercise for professional accountability and responsible journalism. The media authority and key players in the industry have come up with the code of conduct which will guide professionals to do their work diligently without interference from the mushrooming quacks. This is the truth which must be faced if the urge to build a strong and professional media industry was anything to go by. For the man who posted the above, l want to tell you that l have been brought up to respect the living and the dead alike because circumstances might differ but each one played or continue to play a role within the mankind circles that deserve such respect.

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