Why revitalized peace agreement runs short of right system

By Chairman Manyang Parek von Chief Parek

Indeed, I wonder as I think in my mind about the ongoing political crisis that led to violence and civil war within our beloved country! South Sudan. Indeed this political crisis has already reached very disturbing and alarming level. It is deadly and catastrophic to our poor citizens within the country. Simply it is not justifiable for leaders who regarded themselves well cultured and conscious to stage war against citizens. That is sad as leaders are there to care for the suffering people if they political knowledgeable and do believe in freedom, democracy and rule of law and justice. This is why as a concern citizen, I find myself picking up my pen and write things out being the voice my suffering people who are dying daily in silence without anybody caring for their life.

In a sense, I write these facts and truth at free will without prejudgment and discrimination as I do not believe in tribal politics because we are brothers and sisters in Christ. This means the warring factions should have not fitted our people against each other which I believe must stop. It is bad to use politics of divide and rule within the society, as the war has already caused miserable life to our citizens because of economic collapse and insecurity in the country. But with revitalized peace accord in hand now it is necessary for our people to throw in their support for peace without reservation in order to live in peace and harmony. Well, when are we going to be free from these monsters that have deadly power of using modern weapons against our citizens? These weapons have made them always to stage military campaign against citizens and it has depopulated our society without accountability. That is why they are seen by the citizens as warlords without clear political ideas about the establishment of federal system in this country. Instead they created political mess and disorder because of poor knowledge in how to govern without corruption in more effective manner. Their interest is only to make more wealth through corruption which is pure greed and that is a crime to be using people’s resources for personal gain. This ends in the death of poor citizens even though they have now changed their hearts and minds with hope that would be followed by reconciliation among our people according to God supreme power.

Although it is high time for our people to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the international leadership of good will towards the achievement of this revitalized peace agreement which is signed in Khartoum. Revitalized peace has become the foundation of unity of our people in order for us to leave together in one nation without war campaign. In these less minded leaders should not be allowed again to derail the current peace for that matter. We know such people do lack political ideas as they practice revenge, gossip motivated by jealousy and envy because of the poor education that they have undergone in the past. It made them always to resort to war to an extent of traumatizing them. This is made worth by the fact that they have after all dripped into liberation struggle at their younger age without having learned traditional values and norms that they can rely on within the society and has now become problematic for them which is worsening by having learned Christian moral ethics to be able to respect their elders within the country. This is also worsening as they do not abide by our laws in any way whether one is a king or a prince or a peasant up grassroots—(whether being rich or poor).

Above all these warring factions are only concern about their positions that they will occupy within the coming National Coalition Government without minding about the type of federal system that needs to be established in this nation. This is an indication that most of them never worry about the system which can keep us together in unity as brothers and sisters in Christ. To be honest with you, there is a need for us to address the question of federal system which must be based on few states than that of many states which is pure divide and rule policy. I strongly believe if that is done, we will definitely remain united for that matter. Therefore, as Chairman of Sudanile Christian Democratic Party (SCDP) I do believe in federal system based on parliamentary system whereby the prime minister must head a cabinet of ministers. Usually the prime minister is a member of the legislative body representing a district, state, or province, and is chosen by fellow colleagues from their political party affiliation to be leader and as a result of a majority or majority coalition, prime minister assumes the position.

Thus, in parliamentary system the prime minister is the head of the government, but not ordinarily the Head of State. The parliamentary system features a state either embodied by even monarch such as in UK or a president of Israel, Germany and Singapore. These are good examples in regard to our case in point. Thus, here we must have president in parliamentary systems that can vary in authority with some wielding significant power and others wielding little temporal authority. The prime minister is often chosen indirectly by voters electing the candidates in their districts who are members of the prime ministerial candidate’s party. Which is also worth noting that our country can have ceremonial Heads of State with powerful Head of the government but remember a Prime minister will not survive in office if he/she cannot control the lower house within the parliament. In this the prime minister is just an ordinary MP who is selected by his or her party to lead the Executive’s Cabinet in the country. Beyond the means of selection, the prime minister has strong executive powers, of course being the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Thus in such cases, the prime minister needs the approval of his/her respective legislatures to declare war officially within the nation. Although the prime minister can make orders in the council, though these are made with the agreement of the Executive Cabinet and through the Privy Council, which means that senior opposition leaders are at least informed of the decision before it is made official. This gives a reason a leader of the opposition who theoretically could become prime minister if the government falls, while ceremonial president become none politically affiliated decision—making authority as prime minister is one of the most important working executives in the president’s office. But after general elections, president decides which political party may be offered to constitute the government of the day in order for parliamentary Bill to pass as an Act through assent of the president who has the option to veto only after his assent is requested. He even enjoys the ordinance making power as legislative power within the country.

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