The Juba Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO) has again come out with another damming news that there would be power blackout in Juba. For a city to be in darkness is a nightmare as citizens are expecting the electricity distribution to reach the state level instead of the looming power blackout. This is the second time that the country is faced with power blackout warning from JEDCO, the electricity distribution agent. The esteem customers cannot operate in darkness because all their businesses will come to a standstill. It is surprising to hear that the company lack resources and that the stakeholders are not committed according to the JEDCO statement.

The ordinary citizens are currently left in dilemma on how the Ezra Construction and Development Group, JEDCO and the government are coordinating efforts to mitigate the power shut impasse. What is disheartening is that the Ministry of Finance and JEDCO earlier came into agreement that the government would eject three millions dollars to ease exchange rate of the company. The move brought high hopes for the customers that they would finally see Juba glowing like other cities of the World. The governor of Central Bank in January spearheaded the move to avail 3 million US dollars every month to JEDCO for service delivery. The initiative prompted the Ezra Construction and Development Group in South Sudan to announce that it would no longer cut off electricity supply to Juba residents and the surrounding areas.

But upto date, power is only supplied within the city centers leaving areas like Lologo, Gurei and many others with poles without light. Therefore, the stakeholders should work hard and ensure constant power supply in the city. Otherwise electricity is essential for business and service delivery. What hangs in the balance is whether the three million US dollars monthly pay was injected into JEDCO account or not.

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