Why people eagerly want to have a leader

By Simon Soro Kenyi

First of all, in every family, clan, community, county, local government and state, there must be a leader so as to have laws and orders to follow.

Leaders direct people to do their work without any difficulty or straying. Leaders treat people equally and never criticize them in public.

Leaders have self-control while speaking to the people. They accept their mistakes. Leaders motivate people in their work.

They avoid unnecessary arguments and never make promises that they cannot keep. Leaders never make decisions alone because they are not dictatorial. They inform people in advance and engage in purposeful actions.

Leaders are free to talk to anyone any time anywhere. They are an indirect link between people and government. So, if the leader is weak, then the families, clans, communities, counties, local governments, states will be in a mess and the country will be like the car driven by drunkard. So, leaders must respect their dignity and that of the country and the rights of all citizens. They are to preach words that relate to forgiveness, reconciliation and national unity of all 64 tribes of South Sudan without threat. Leaders are custodians of all histories. They make people know that history is the father of the country and geography is the mother of the country.

So, in conclusion, please let us all ask God to make everyone recognize his/her mistakes. Many thanks to God for directing Salva Kiir Mayardit to be a president of South Sudan.

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