Why others fail to serve rightly and justly

By: Agar Mayor Gai

Someone may wonder why when it comes to service; be it national or other, we do not serve the same way others do. This is attributed to the fact that as in all walks of life, we find that as humans, we have three categories of people. One group are those who care less about themselves and as such, they tend to work for the good of others and themselves alike or equally. One other group are people who do not care for themselves and not even talk about other people’s conditions. The third group is for the people who are much more self-central than we are supposed to be. This group of people however, like their interests and behavior imposed on others or integrated even into the matters of national concern. In other words, these people only prefer having good things and do not care about what others feel.

So what happens when any category of these people is given a service at national level? Let us see what hits the top if one group takes the national service as theirs. With the few years I have been on this earth, I am moved to tell you the little I have seen and known about people, what they are capable of doing and the impact of their respective actions on one another. For those people who care little for themselves, they tend to be the top national service providers. Because they consider the interests and the implications of their actions on others, they develop an interest reconciling mechanism which only aims at working together, studying together and bringing peace and success to their nation together. I am moved to admit that any service headed by these people is rightly and justly administered in the eyes of all.

But for those who take care not of their interests but for others, if it happens that they get a chance for a national service position, the whole country falls in to a big mess. Unlike the first group, both their interests and for others do not have a single room. In other words, the nation heads nowhere since there is no single direction to follow.

And lastly, if the top service is controlled by people who are self-central, self -loving and greedy, the national services do not get to all the people they are meant to reach. All that happens is putting to themselves what belongs to the nation and more dangerously, using their given power to take even what the individual citizens own and forgetting that they have a hand and duty in providing other needs to these people. These people, because, they are self-minded and egocentric, fail to serve rightly and justly.

But why have these three categories of people? In the bible, the Lord says that be mindful of the last day events; people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, lovers of all sorts of bad things more than God and false prophets will appear and do wonders. And he continues that be careful that you are not deceived. Be careful that in your ways of God, this person do not trick you in to doing things contrary to what God desires. In his commandments, he says that love your neighbor as yourself which coincides with the characters of the first group of people we have talked about. In other words, the first category, follow the ways of the Creator and that makes them successful in all their ways.

The second category is aimless and lack wisdom in them and the Lord of heavens and earth hates that. He wants that his people seek wisdom and knowledge to do good from him. The last group is a victim of the Matthew’s prophecy. These people have become lovers of themselves and of money. And as such, doing up to the will of all becomes a difficulty because of corruption, tribalism and disunity.

It should however, be the right time for these two last groups if they do exist in this country, to revise their actions, seek the most reliable leadership wisdom from the best source of knowledge and wisdom, the bible. In other words, all our actions be always guided and be from the Lord’s holy book. In this way, the public interests and wants will have a position to take since there will be love, kindness, unity and hard work.

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