Why not give peace a chance in South Sudan?

By: Thomas Akuith Ngong

The top agenda should not be about the number of states that South Sudan should have. But it should be about uniting South Sudanese people wherever they are around the globe. Even a peaceful South Sudan without existing states can joyfully be lived. Let us not bring to ourselves intractable headache for no valid reasons. South Sudanese have suffered for long and so they need not to continue experiencing that suffering. South Sudan is more than personal interests as for those strongly opposed to peace. South Sudan deserves development like the United States and other developed nations. South Sudan should rise up as an African star.

We are left behind our people. We need to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of technology, infrastructure and academic development. We can only be more powerful if we amalgamate under an umbrella of a cohesive South Sudan. More than seven years of intense civil war is enough. We are a war-torn State and as such, there is a vigorous need to resurrect from this destructive ideology to a more stable and developmental one. Change can’t come from Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny alone, but generally from us. Who is not ready for change in South Sudan? We must all gear up for true change in South Sudan, the land of great abundance.

Let us collectively work for reconstruction of South Sudan. My message seems to be an individual call, but because of the great feeling of love I have for South Sudan, I am compelled to express and share it with all of you. Don’t misunderstand me! I have a strong yearning for peace in our beloved country.  As I see our fellow South Sudanese suffer, I don’t feel calm at all. I remain sleepless every night when I think of our refugees in foreign lands, lost ones and when I think of those undergoing agony wherever they are because of war. Let’s embrace reconciliation and build trust in ourselves for the common good of our hard-worn State.

Peace is the only chance to rejuvenate our war-stricken State. Peace is the most useful tool to eradicate chronic tribalism planted in our hearts.  It is a magnet of absolute cohesiveness among us as sixty-four kids of mother South Sudan. It is the water to quench our thirst. It is the most vital nutrient that heals our man-made wounds faster. It is the one and only means of transport to any parts of the Upper Nile, Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria or Abyei area. Let us realize peace for our betterment and that of our country. Long live 64 tribes in South Sudan. May God help us get peace!

The writer is a recent MBBS graduate from the University of Juba and a Health Secretary at BahreEl Ghazal Youth Union in Juba. He is reachable on 0921809762 or via thomasakuiz88@gmail.com

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