Why national failure is hazardous

By: Agar Mayor Gai

In life we fail in some aspects as individuals, family, community or even the whole country. This failure is true for the fact that as humans, we are born with weaknesses and as such, it becomes self-evident that failure is a fragment to the life of mankind. However, there are biblical tokens which indicate the pathos of our Creator about failures. We find that God hates what is termed as failure and tries to help out those who admit and seek the strength from him. In other words, God feels happy for the people who trace the strength, kindness, love, purity in heart and hard working from him.

And as it is true, we fall short as singular if in our homes, we cannot bring a day meal to the table, unable to take the young children to school due to lack of school fees. Again, we fail as a community only if the communal services such as school, hospital and roads are not functional. These failure comes as a result of national failure. In this kind of failure, there is no political stability, economic downfall takes position and factors such as tribalism, nepotism and corruption become the order of the national situation. In this country, all these we have experienced and still they are a faction to our daily life.

The reason behind division based on clans or tribes, behind the road ambushes, the ground of total mess in the markets and national offices is because the leadership system has become a failure. And this failure has not only covered the markets and offices but also the respective households of all the South Sudanese people. Simply, that failure by the government and its people has brought us to the level of not having something to eat, the level of not paying school fees. National failure is infallibly hazardous.

It should however, be of information to all that national failure just like others has a key. Being children of God, the father is ever behind us in whatever step we take. We ought to whenever taking a task, ask the strength and power to execute it from the heavenly father. The problem falls in between when the power and strength of our creator is not with us. How do we get his power and strength?

In the bible, there are qualities of us fitting for this power and strength. We also find that the scripture stands as guidance and a place for these adaptabilities. These qualifications are as of love, kindness, hardworking and purity in heart; people who do not think indisposed about their neighbors, friends and beyond. These qualities however, are a gateway to peace, harmony, unity, good governance and eventually prosperity. In other terms, if wanting to do up to what the government means and supposed to be, those qualities should be the core center of our take in life.

We ought to love and respect one another, doing the given national service indiscriminately and having the spirit of oneness and hard work with in. With all these worked on and taken seriously, the creator empowers us in a way that even if vested with much powers, we do not find that an opportunity to deny others their rights, even if the devil enters and tells us to stage a coup against the government such that we take over, we turn that down saying I do not want to kill; my creator hates that, even if there are threats of someone wanting to take over our position, my election or whatsoever, we only revise where we have gone wrong and not causing war.

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