The last announced results of the South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Examination (CSE) were attractive. To be precise, number 23,452 candidates countrywide. This number was encouraging considering that during this period there were a lot of uncertainty in almost every part of the country. Of these were 17,080 males and 6,372 females representing 72.2 and 27.2 percent respectively. Generally the candidates did good work which was appreciated by the Ministry of Higher Education and the country at large. However, one begging question is why the Ministry should have it or put it as mandatory or a must that all these students have to come all the way to Juba, the Ministry headquarters to get their final results slips. Is it really fair when there are State offices and school heads who could be entrusted with the results. It does not make sense and the minister in charge needs to tell the country why this system should not be scrapped all-together. Deng Deng Hoc Yai should not keep quite while students are suffering trekking and or coming all the way to Juba mostly with roads and air transport with extras to maintain those who do not have relatives in the City. This is too much expenses for parents and guardians who have toiled to see their loved ones this far. This system is taxing and many parents are silently complaining and wondering why their young one should be subjected to such tedious, long and sometimes poses danger to their own lives. Minister Deng who is also the chairperson of the Examination Council can do better by removing this system which was commonly used by Sudan. It is illogical to have young students to travel these far distances while the same could be handled at schools or states level. This is too much pocket squeezing for parents who are faced with a lot of economic woes. The ball is in the minister’s court.

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