Why Mobile Money is good for South Sudan

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The year 2019 should be considered a good year so far for South Sudan as we have seen the birth of two mobile money service providers, the M-Gurush and the NilePay.

South Sudan is one of the largest countries in Africa in terms of geographical location and many places within the country are hard to reach.

Though we are distanced from one another, South Sudanese have in one way or the other managed to send and receive money to relatives and friends across the country through remote means such as the use of public means like road or air transport.

Sending and receiving money across the country manually have led to many cases of robbery commonly known as the Toronto boys.

With the coming of electrical Mobile services in the country, doing business and transactions will be better as one will not need to move from one place to another to send or receive money.

The cases of robbery by the so called Toronto boys will also reduce as there will be few incidents of people carrying money in bags and sacks, people will have money in their mobile phones and do transactions any time they feel.

The flow of South Sudanese pounds in the hands of the people such as the government, on-governmental organizations and ordinary people will also improve as services can be paid for using the mobile money services.

Transport costs from one state to another will also be reduced as there will be no need to move from Wau to Renk to send money because transactions will be done electronically.

Mobile money service will also improve regional business transactions in the future as of now South Sudanese are able to pay for goods and services imported in the country through the various mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa.

With the introduction of South Sudanese own mobile money services, cases of people killed after being seen with money will reduce as it will be difficult to know the amount of money one has in his or her phone.

Mobile Money services will also improve the system of paying school fees for pupils and students for instance if a school through the accounts has registered line, parents or guardians can pay school fees directly to the school hence reducing cases of children missing their school fees.

The health service will be better with the mobile money service as one will not need to line for long hours in Banks waiting for money for treatment and through this more lives will be saved.

South Sudanese will also be able to join the smart world or the so called digital world where money is carried in phones and not wallets or sacks for use.

I urge South Sudanese to embrace the Mobile service and use it for the development of the country.

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