Why misuse Facebook groups?

By: Akol Arop Akol

My people, I am wondering! Why have we turned social media into gossiping and hate-speech platforms? Some groups created on Facebook were having good names and postings  in the beginning but when people got attracted, they turned them into something else, a thing we can call ‘shallow disparagement’ run by people who have no vision for themselves, neither for their people or country.

Others joined Facebook groups just to show their daily lifestyles in order to get famous; others think it is a free space for talking all staff, not thinking of who will like or oppose it.

Why would someone post hate speech information? Why do administrators of the groups and pages allow people with negative ideologies that divide people to infringe the platforms? 

I am surprised, if someone posts something good and peaceful, no one will “LIKE or COMMENT” but if it is something containing “hatred, tribalism, insults and pornography, people will give hundred likes and comments.

Are some members of those groups sick, hungry, angry, thirsty, hopeless, or useless? Why are they so much used to negative stuff?

We need peace, but some people on social media are still negative minded. Don’t they see the level of suffering of vulnerable people in our communities? They deserve any bad name because there is no other way to describe or call a person or group of people who are anti-peace and enemies of progress.

Talking negatively and tribally on social media is another way of escalating crisis and conflicts that leads to division of people.

My kind advice is, let us stop destructive interpretation, misinformation and verbal abuse that cause humiliation. Words are like swords, and when they are uttered out without sense, they hurt people emotionally.

Peace starts on Facebook, especially on the groups, such as South Sudan News. First be socialized and united such that you spread common messages that encourage people to live in peace with one another.

The words we write on the groups are both destructive and constructive; therefore, we must talk like educated and civilized people who can literally understand the causes of conflict and the best ideas and solutions to our problems.

Do the little you can to promote peace. Let unity be our power to bring change.  Let us not think like illiterate people. The knowledge drilled in our minds is to be used in solving problems be political, economic or social.

Spreading lies and hate speech doesn’t make us earn anything. Instead, it sharpens the differences among people and leads to division.

Though there is a need for freedom of expression, people must talk with sense. The reason for posting criticism on social media is that there is something wrong that needs to be corrected morally not in a wrong way but in an honest and peaceful manner that cannot cause harm.

The hate speech online is the most common factor traumatizing and hurting people. It is my call to my brothers and sisters outside there to make sure the knowledge that they got from school is not misused for destruction but for positive interpretation of information such as giving education and inspiration. Peace will bring transformation to our affected nation and the traumatized generation.

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