Why many disasters will continue to happen in the Nile

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is true that, in this country’s economy and beyond, Nile among others is one central point of all positive things we are proud of as South Sudanese people. There are countless things that have their source from the Nile River and if they did not exist though, we would have different stories by now and later. However, in life, much importance of something is never always a guarantee that anything which comes from it will ever be of good use. At times, goodness of a thing brings in discontent and problems among people. Last year, was it not because of the great Nile River that the two long friends of Adoor Buncholic and Twic communities staged a fight that claimed more than four lives? Surely, it was rooted in the fact that one community attacked the other one claiming ownership of the land.  

So, who and how should challenges of this kind be solved so that people live in peace and harmony, such that they enjoy their resources from the Nile in a fair and friendly manner? The existence and definition of government have this question to bring to your notice. The Nile and people who fought are government and therefore, if there arises any problem between communities along the Nile, the government must always be in between making sure the issue was resolved amicably and fairly. There should be no taking side by the national officials and if there be such case though, then, someone who knows what government is, has the right to say that there is never a government in South Sudan. Because if one government incites communities for such conflicts instead of coming in between to  solve the issue in a peaceful manner, then surely, loss of lives and many other disasters in the Nile will continue to happen. And many disasters do happen in this country, it is ignorance and failure of the government that will promote it.

But though, other problems in life can arise when we use something without good maintenance. If we do not consider what such thing would want from us in return, we face more disasters and even lose what we were supposed to get from it. Take for example, issue of the Nile Bridge which connects us to Sherikat, Nimule and eventually, Republic of Uganda where almost everything in our city of Juba comes from. Since last year, there has been a reported case of the Bridge spare parts being expired and that there should be an urgent response from the government; the new ones be bought so that more disasters such as severe economic downfall and even loss of lives are prevented. It is said that prevention is better than cure. The reason why there is always expiry date for things such as bridges is to get yourself ready to prevent any problems that may arise as a result of expiry and old age. And for sure, the government has been alerted and aware of the bridge’s old age.

 However, the people’s cry seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. It is as though, the problems that would soon arise will not affect them in any way. It was on Friday last week that I travelled to other side of the Nile. And on my way, I realized that though, for long, a concern has been raised and directed to the government, there is yet to be a response. What is however, delaying the response? Or the government wants to respond after a disaster just like they did for Cuet-Akuet’s issue which if I may guess is yet to be settled? The local people of this country do not need this to happen however. But though, because we are in a country where words have no power but guns do, it is likely that many disasters will continue to happen in the Nile. Not only in the Nile however, there are other sectors which will continue to have many disasters happening as well.

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