It is unfortunate if indeed it did happen as reported by the press that a senior military officer man-handled two female journalists whose offence was an assignment to cover the event graced by the head of state at the Bilpam forces headquarters.  One, President Salva Kiir is on record telling the security organ not to mishandled members of the public all inclusive. That the two members of the fourth estate were there by invited to cover the event is an indication that the government and in this case the army hierarchy are open and want the world to know and understand the role they are playing for the development of this country and more so at this time when peace is being restored in every sector, forces included. And it happened that the president in his address mentioned these key words of having peace and formation of the next unity government. The world keenly followed the event through the media. The act has caused uproar in both local and international media outlets, not leaving behind the social media and some human rights institutions including Amnesty International. It is unfortunate because the leadership has struggled to bring back the lost glory of the country through advocating and preaching peace. The media fraternity and the country are waiting to be told what offence did these journalists commit while they were there doing the work of their trade, “covering the event”. The government has moved forward to harmonize the relationship between the media and the security organs among others and where there are grievances or one is aggrieved, the Media Authority is at hand. This kind of an act is taking the country back instead of moving forward. It is graver when a senior officer of such rank and caliber who is supposed to know and understand protocol is involved. If indeed it happened then public apology to the journalists, media fraternity and the country should be in place.

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