Why love turns into killing?

By Akol Arop Akol

Something called love is an emotional feeling that is given freely by God to all humans such that they also share it among themselves. The same love brings people from different walks of life to admire, accept, date and marry themselves as wife and husband. But I am asking why is love turned into business?

People want to give and be given in return; they also love others according to how they look and what they have. Today rich people love the rich, and the poor love the rich but the poor ones remain unloved because they have nothing for attraction; there is no one who loves them at all. 

I am writing here because we have seen, heard or even experienced individually how relationships of young people take place nowadays. There was sad news about couples or love-partners who turned love into conflicts as their expectations and interest were not met; they emotionally hurt and physically harmed themselves.

I have personally heard that a man killed himself because of a girl, and news came again that a girl stabbed her boyfriend to death. That news is not surprising, and if we analyze how our young people are dating today, you will realize that there is no true love. They love not because their hearts and souls tell them, but they follow their minds, they just love because they are seeing other people walking two by two. They don’t need to be called lonely girls and boys.

If you get serious partners, there must be material interest that binds them. It is therefore a sign that love is misunderstood. Most of the relationships occurring today have reasons and their foundations are not built with rocks, they are mostly materialized where each needs to benefit emotionally and financially.

There are some girls who sell their love for men who are not their age or of the same standard of education and profession or living. Some remain slaying around as they call themselves slay Queens; they misuse their flesh from young age and exceeding time for marriage but when they realize at the end that they have over-passed the age of marriage they go searching and by all means get a man by slaying with their beauty, or snatch men who are not faithful to their wives.

They try by all means to put people’s sons into terrible temptations. We have seen that true love is difficult to get nowadays because people have put interests in things than emotions; when a girl sees you, she will start looking at your head to toe, sees the phone you are holding and the shoes and clothes you are wearing and calculating how much they cost.

If you are using a small MTN phone or the one called Rebecca and putting on cheap clothes like Ali-wara, it would be difficult to attract a girl just because most of them have misunderstood love.

The love that should be a source of happiness and a motivation for one to work hard and achieve success is turned into business. Some selfish people would even ask where you come from and may reject you because of your clan or poor life you are living.

It is true that a love that doesn’t successfully lead into marriage ends up with heartbreak and regret but our young people (boys and girls) are ending up in killing themselves with poisons and weapons like knives.

It has to be taken on individual’s neck if they can kill innocent lovers. Those who commit suicide because of love would be held accountable by the Creator of life. We don’t have to force love or people to give us feelings. We should also not turn love into business, but if their interests are too much, love is not a company for getting profit; they have to go out and start selling goods and make money.

I call it business when a girl gives what she has in exchange with boy’s belongings, some girls need materials but when not given, they consider their boys as fake or poor because they don’t meet their needs.

I am therefore, asking my fellow youth ‘did our grand people use money and materials in their relationships longtime ago?’ They never did, yet their marriages were strong but today money has become the key of everything so they get advantage to ‘do me and I do you,’ thus, the greed for money doesn’t give any lasting comfort or joy but you get disappointed and hurt because once your partner is broke you will see him like a dry river, with no water, you will prefer to move on and get somewhere better. Instead of youth killing themselves because of love, they need to be wise and visionary in dating by choosing a right partner who is not greedy over money or materials and both preserve lives.

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