Why love for the land is important

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Love means more than people in a relationship can understand it. In the Bible we get the word love and that the creator loves us so much. His love is witnessed in us, having created all with man inclusive and giving humans the authority to take care and make use of the other creatures. Is this not real love? Who, on this earth, can do all the work of creation and not expecting something in return? It is only the heavenly host who is capable of doing such and it is for this reason that he requires love from us; Loving one another without expecting anything as our reward. He loves us and requires of us however, that we only love him in return. This takes from us not single money, time or anything of importance to us. However, if though it takes anyway, then it is part of our earthly duty that we do all things to please our creator. 

It is however crystal that as God creates; he puts us into our respective lands. And as though, it is vital that we appreciate him by loving and protecting our land. Why would one not take care of the little he is given? Why would one not put to their self the responsibility to protect his own territory? Our world is full of lands divided based on culturally related bases. As in this country of South Sudan, the sixty four tribes are mandated to love, protect and entirely spend their time working for the welfare of the land. Our love for this land though, is aimed at eradicating tribalism, corruption and nepotism. If we love this country, one would not do what affects us economically, politically and socially.

In other words, one will not loot national resources, kill their own brothers and sisters and hate others because they are from a certain tribe. The only tribe they will know is South Sudan and any money or donation which comes, they will know is for South Sudan and not for individual persons. This indicates that if people understand that we are not Muonyjang, not Nuer, not Bari and not Shilluk or Anyuak and that we are South Sudanese all, love and success become the center of our living. In countries where love exists, there is no war, no power struggle and no tribalism. This is because if people love their selves, they will not kill one another, if people love their country, they would not struggle for power but instead, they will give voice to the country to choose who should lead them, if people love one another, they will consider themselves as one people and one nation; no tribalism. Factors such as corruption and disunity find no place in countries where love is well rooted. And this is the reason why love for the land is important. We must in this country, appreciate and love the little that our creator has given to us. This land and its resources are enough for all of us. The outsiders should not be given a chance to divide us and take grip hold of our resources; that is their major aim. However, what will give them the chance is our disunity and lack of love for one another. Let us watch out such that this people do not divide us and later, to benefit and enjoy of this country’s resources.

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