By Ngor Khot Garang

The country we are tossing and kicking today did not come on a silver plate, it was not given freely, there was a price paid to have it named as the independent Republic of South Sudan.  It was the patriotic sons and daughters of this country who mobilised and gave themselves for the younger generations to have a country that is theirs for them to study, work, and do business in their own land without being pulled behind.  If I am not mistaken, it is worth mentioning that, thousands of men and women have perished for the freedom of South Sudan and future well-being of the poor Southerners and the younger generations, others died of hunger, disease, and bullets while some were eaten up by wild animals.

They were united under one umbrella to fight against the common enemy under the theme: “The morning will come, we should not give up, South Sudan is ours and we have to die for it until it is given”.  These were the words they used to encourage themselves and to enlighten the weaker ones like the women and children. Women used to collect wood and cook food for the men while children whose parents were in the battle field collect water for their parents. It was a painful struggle, many have died singing the names of South Sudan and the joy they would have got after their struggle and their bodies are not recovered many of them are eaten by vultures and hyenas.

I wonder if they are to rise up again from their graves, they would be confronted with a different South Sudan,  worse than the one they died for, they would be confronted with  the South Sudan where the people who incubated the idea of a free South Sudan are the ones turning the barrel of  gun on themselves, they will be shocked to see not only their children but the children they fought for are not in school and begging on the streets and the women who have lost their husbands for the same course  can’t afford to put food on the table. They will be marveled to learn that even the head of a fallen American President who did not know where South Sudan is, is the one destabilizing our economy while the head of our late hero Dr. John Garang can’t afford a loaf of bread.  Where is the one pound we used to buy bread and salt with?  Are 5 and 10 South Sudanese pounds not in danger of disappearing? What have we done as the people of South Sudan to stand this hardship? Mighty God can’t you hear our cries or have pity upon us? Our ancestors, are you not tired of the feet beating upon your graves running for their lives? Are you not sick of the noise produced by guns? What about women and children crying for peace so that they can go to school freely while their mothers do little business? What about a young woman who is afraid of going to the garden for the fear of being raped? Can’t you trace the unknown gunmen who make us to urinate inside our houses for the fear of being shot? We are tired, very tired that none of us could raise a finger by now.

We have millions of questions to ask the government but our mouths are glued for the fear of retribution for we can’t stand the consequences of the questions we may ask. Some have asked and their questions have not been answered while others slipped and fell never to rise back again because they were shaking when asking the questions. So mighty God and our great ancestors we come asking for your help, we wish not to be disturbing you all the times. If our wrongs are too big to be solved, then find some ways to reduce them and put them on the table.

We do not want to die of hunger or bullet. If Abraham died of ripe age, that is what we want. That is the question to God and to our ancestors: You have never used guns as a tool for solving disputes among people, so if there is a better way apart from gun and I know there is then that is what we want. We ask you to judge those who use force and violence to grab people’s property and God? Remember to put South Sudan on the top list of your pending agenda. If the leaders or the people of South Sudan are the ones driving the country backward, then you give each one of us the wisdom to drive well and forgive us our sins. We are black and black means “strength’. So, if we are all united nothing can defeat us.  I love South Sudan, do you?


The writer is a high school student. He is reachable via tell: 0925405723 or Email: ngorjacob7@gmail.com  

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