Why it is good to have all voices heard

By: Agar Mayor Gai

Our country has people with different life opinions, distinct cultures, the disabled and abled, the vulnerable such as women, young girls and more focally, political parties that have different life targets for the people of this nation. It is quite clear now that no matter where you go in this nation, you will surely find all these kinds of people; their aims are purposed at bringing a change in our country.

But it should not be forgotten that in this country, the politically stronger ones, the ones fit to labour with their physical strength and the ones with an economic power tend to take advantage of their friends taking the life journey in a different route; the route of disabled, the women and girls and the politically weak parties; their cries for an equal nation, one nation and a prosperous nation, have not one person or ruling party to hear. It is so unfortunate why one would have such a heart.

From the actions of the politically and economically advantaged people in this country, someone can rightly discern what is hidden and covered by false promises and sayings. With a given mandate, our take on matters of a national concern such as gender based violence, poverty, lack of infrastructural developments, less implementation of educational policies and beyond have hundred percent tendency to define our stand and capability in bringing positivity to this nation. If for example say, the national service is all about enriching ourselves and we all know that the public jobs cannot accommodate all the twelve million people in this country, where will others get the school fees for their children, food for their families and others?

This demonstrates that it is wrong to take the national service for an eating zone. In other words, one can say that national service is solely purposed at bringing to the same standard of living all the population of our country. How would one do this task? Our government is a composition of various ministries, directorates and others; these, however, are vested with distinct powers and duties to address certain national areas of concern such as infrastructural development, poverty, gender based violence, tribalism and insecurity. What has happened in this nation is that the authorities concerned with certain duties have had less to act the right and do that which is needed of them.

The women and girls have cried but not a single concerned body has heard and acted, there is rampant killing, robbery and other acts of a destroyed people, we take two days on the way to our various states which supposedly, we ought to spend a fewer hours of the day, but it seems like the public service has not the mandate of interference in matters as such. The public voices have not one to hear even the ones supposed to. Who should be our refuge? The public service or the government of course, but only if they know their duty as that of creating a conducive environment for all, standardizing the livelihood for all and promoting a lifestyle which is tribalism free, GBV free and poverty free. However, all these we can see and witness, if the voices of all are heard. And as such, it is good if the government hears and considers our voices, our opinions on how we want this country to be.

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