The fear and threat that came with coronavirus seems to be fading away even when the preventive and protection measures that were put in place by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Ministry of Health are still in force. Right now people are almost fully back to their previous life although the truth is, the COVID-19 pandemic is still a serious threat globally. The government must find out other means of making sure this situation was not allowed to go out of hand when the truth is that the virus was and is very much alive in the country. The laxity attitude that being developed beats all logics while for sure no cures in the name of vaccine or medicine have been confirmed found. The world is still grappling with the unknown probabilities that are yet to be confirmed by medic. It is too early even to think of resuming normal life with the virus spreading at a thunder speed. Social gathering, discos, public transports and markets are back in full operation without taking proper care of preventive and protection. This cannot be what is expected of a people who are out to fight the existence of the virus among them. Let there be a clear message that the presence of the virus is real and no approved cure has been found anywhere in the world. Let there be clear message that if the attitude is relaxed then indeed there would be more spread and infection of the virus in the country that may end up forcing the nation into huge expenditures instead of avoiding it now. The society must remain disciplined and follow what the government is telling them. COVID-19 has killed millions and continued to kill more. This is what must be avoided and prevented. The authorities must take precautionary measures to stop the carelessness, ignorance and don’t care attitude being demonstrated by some people in the fight against the virus.

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