Why implementation is a challenge

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is true that as a people, we see things at distinct angles in life. This difference though, is attributed to the fact that the humans, no matter how closely related we may be, have different likes and unlike. That is to say, what one thinks is right may not necessarily look good in the eyes of another. And in many aspects however, we tend to disagree on certain matters with others because of this difference. We only think our thought is right and thus, leaving and moreover, stepping on the interests of others. This is what happens in life, but between any two opposing groups, there is always one on the right side. Two people can never be right on the same issue.

But oftentimes, we find that most people even if on the wrong side, do not admit and accept that they are wrong. What causes this however? It is pride and a mere thought that others can never be better than we do. Pulling ropes becomes order of the day for this case. We fight; kill one another just because we do not want to accept the strength of others.

But, it is advisable that this pulling of ropes must have where it should not happen because of its negative impact. Take for example, the government. If in the government, you are not the person you used to be before assuming the great duty; you are now the person next to the creator because you get mandate from him. He expects good governance, good health and good education for his people through you, the government. The government is for the people and people for the government. In this way, it can become useless and meaningless if the people in the government do not accept one another. It is true that as government, we may disagree on certain things, but our ideas must all meet in one end; proper service for the service. But even if our friends are not working for the people, it should not be us opposing them.

The citizens are there to bring a person of their choice. If we think we suit the duty, let us always be patient to wait for the time when the local people will see who should serve them. There are things we should not always sabotage because the local people may be happy with them. And by doing so, it indicates that we are not serving them but instead, we just want our interests to be worked on whether it is liked or not. This is an abuse of the godly meaning of government.  The people in the government must always consider less their individual interests in national matters. How can someone feel good at the expense of another? The government is so important and useful that if the people in it do not conform to its principles, there is always someone to complain. This is what has happened in this country. The government says you leaders, work for the civil population’s interests but the leaders deny this and say, our interests first. And this why they are fighting over what the civil population of our country sees as harmless and never worth fighting against.

Why would government if not the leaders, work against its own people? This is never possible at all cause but the leaders being overall and if not at the same time sticking to the principles of government, the local people’s interests come the last. In this country of South Sudan, the local people are happy with current number of states. I wonder why the leaders have failed to see this in the faces of all. It is high time they realize the effects of their actions on the local people. And if so, the two leaders of this country should not include the issue of states as one reason for not bringing peace for their people. Otherwise, we will only know that your interests are what you are there for. And we will have a right to say that this is not the right place for you to achieve your self-central goals.

We are also appealing to them that they should swallow pride, hatred and this dangerous pulling of robes on an issue that does not affect the local people in any more important way. It is true that the issue of states is dangerous but in fewer ways than for the good. And because the leaders have different views on benefits and expectations from certain number of states, implementation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity is a challenge.

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