Why IGAD may not bring any peace

By Chol Michael Ayor

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) refers to a regional bloc comprising countries among others Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. The IGAD bloc as an organization that mediates the peace talks through funding from International Community and other Non-Governmental Organizations that have partnered to fund the mediation may not bring to an end the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

Most of these countries have their own interests in regards to the ongoing peace talks. The following are some of the interests of IGAD member countries that will not bring peace to this country for some decades.

Kenya: Kenya citizens are the ones controlling all the consultancy jobs in South Sudan. This had provided them with employment opportunities to their respective citizens; hence they can’t and will not work to bring any lasting peace to the citizens of this country simply because their jobs will be taken over by the South Sudanese if the country is peaceful.

Uganda: Ugandans are the once controlling the supply of food stuffs to the local populations of South Sudan, simply because the conflict had displaced people to the urban areas leaving their villages. This is because most of the states, counties, payams and bomas have often been ransacked by conflicts. The Ugandans are praying very heard that the conflict must continue so that they continue selling their agricultural products to the South Sudanese that are displaced without farming tools to provide for themselves their own food.

Ethiopia: Ethiopians are the once controlling the business of hotel and industries, supplying the NGOs, selling spare parts of expensive vehicles for UN as well as South Sudanese and they have provided employment opportunities to their respective citizens rather than South Sudanese who engage in the civil war and few who had not joined have no jobs in that business sector simply because there are no good policies put in place to protect the citizens in search for jobs with these foreign companies.

Sudan: Sudanese are the ones supporting the rebel groups in supply of weapons, selling of spare parts by Darfur and the restaurants are owned by them as well as other food stuff which Uganda don’t produce. The Sudanese government is praying very hard that South Sudan should not get lasting peace since they are their partner in business opportunities also making them forget the boarder issue.

South Sudan: South Sudanese politicians are also playing the role simply because their own children are studying in Kenya, Uganda in luxurious education institutions in the east African countries, renting expensive houses of businessmen, politicians of Uganda, Kenya as well as Sudan. These are some of the groups of South Sudanese who are not interested in bringing lasting peace.

With these few observations, I have seen that the IGAD led peace mediation process for the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan will never revive the economy and bring genuine lasting peace. Otherwise, IGAD should retreat from this mediation process and look for an alternative other than spending their resources for a process that will not bring lasting peace to the masses of South Sudan that have suffered for decades.

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