The scribes are ready to go

By: Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO

Appreciations and thanks are normally given to individuals who did good jobs or raised good ideas. Experienced and responsible person always offers genuine guides. I was so impressed by the remarkable reaction of our experienced and responsible Journalist Mr. Odongo Odoyo in his column of Juba Monitor with the title Topical Commentary dated 10th September, 2021 with the heading “The scribes are ready to go

His remarkable commentary is about the idea of UJOSS in partnership with CEPO planning national journalists’ solidarity trips to the communities affected by flood like Bentiu and other locations including communities affected by deadly violence like Tombura. The commentary of Odongo Odoyo motivated me to write this response of mind to him under his column

100% plus, I do agree with experienced Journalist Mr. Odongo Odoyo’ssuggestions on the idea of journalists and friends of journalists act on this national nobel initiative. Further, I added my voice to his voices that as journalists and friends of Journalists, it is a high time for us to demonstrate responsibility and care to our communities affected with floods and deadly inter-community violence that we do care about their lives, safety and protection.

Moment of walking the talk has come to us in South Sudan, we should all offer the little we have in our houses for securing the lives of our children, elders and sick ones from the risk implications of the floods and deadly inter-communal violence on them.

Successful society growth and development normally happens in the community where its sons and daughters take responsibility of improving their communities lives through  self-help approach before calling for assistance from external actors such as donors or other partners. So, what experienced Journalist Mr. Odongo Odoyo said in this column was thatwe should take our primary responsibility to secure the lives of our communities from the implications of the floods and deadly inter-communal violence before we ask other actors to response. This is a sense of care-giving person in the society. Odongo is one of our society care-giving persons. He is a blessing for us and he deserves a reward for amplifying the importance of this national nobel initiative of UJOSS in partnership with CEPO.

Now, my appeal to Journalists and Friends of Journalists is that it is time for us to demonstrate a sense of taking responsibility to help alleviate our communities’ suffering from the floods and deadly inter-communal violence. Kindly, any form of help that we can contribute for helping the communities of Bentiu and Tombura now is required as an act of responsible journalist and friends of journalists standing for humanity.

Before, we with our pens and voices called upon the government and the humanitarian actors to help the victims of flood and inter-communal violence.Can we act first by helping the victims of the floods and deadly inter-communal violence? Our demonstration of action for helping the communities stand high and loud than our words in the various media outlets. So, let us act now before it is too late and before we call on government and other actors to response to our communities 

Experienced Journalist Mr. Odongo Odoyo, I really appreciate your remarkable reaction and suggestion for motivating the journalists and friends of journalists to act on this initiative.

It is a demonstration of responsibility by having journalists and friends of journalists offering assistance to the victims of floods in Bentiu and inter-communal violence in Tambura beside their normal duty of publishing accurate and balanced information on the implication of the floods and inter-communal violence

Finally, I am encouraging media houses, journalists and friends of journalists to act for the success of this nobel national initiative of UJOSS in partnership with CEPO. I conclude bysaying the moments of walking the talk is now not tomorrow.

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