Coronavirus or COVID’19 is real and cannot be down-played any more. It has to come out and must be told the way it is. If the victim of the virus is a local or a foreigner, it has to be said openly. Some people would want to down-play and wish-wash down the victims. Globally it has been clearly reported and stated that the identity of the virus victim would help the medics to trace the cause and source where the disease was contacted. It beats all logic when some people started jumping up and down that by identifying the victim, the media or the outlets which are doing so were creating bed-bugs. Time has come when the truth must be told. If the victim is a foreigner, what is wrong identifying his or her nationality? There have been reports globally where victims have been identified and their nationality clearly stated. In the medical arena this could be termed as the identity of the historical case and medical background of the patient. It must come to be that, no more hiding behind the curtain in the fight against this virus going by the reports the pandemic of the virus is sending through-out the globe. South Sudan was free of the virus until one confirmed case of a foreigner who is said to be working with the UN and who arrived in the country well over a month ago from Europe. This lady spent all these days in the open not under isolation and interacting with friends and colleagues. This cannot be a case of mistaken identity. It is a case of a foreigner who is working here, therefore it is not the case confirmed from the locals. Tracing her contacts en-route would equally help the World Health Organization (WHO), the government and key players to the fight against COVID’ 19 to control the spread and bring it back to normalcy.

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