It should not be encouraged that service delivery providers being paid by taxes from the public should give empty promises or commit the country for what they know they could not fulfill. It gives bad image to the nation and the leadership. In December last year a senior government promised Christmas gift for all starting with Juba town. The year is coming to an end without fulfilling that promise which was announced publicly. Another service provider came out and told the country and city dwellers that garbage will be a thing of the past with all roads repaired for easy communication and access outlets for essential services like fire-brigade, ambulance and the security personnel for ease of reaching the public. What happened? Clean water was also on the menu but to-date there is nothing seen or resemble these essential provision to the public. Instead roads leading in and out of the city cannot be said to be any better if not worse. The country should not be taken for a ride by those who are not ready to stand and honour their words. There are so many short-circuited services which have been promised but not provided. Instead, those who made the promises do not come back to the public to tell them why the promises have not been fulfilled. They keep quiet as if all is well while the general public keep watching and expecting them to do their work. This cannot be allowed to continue because these gentlemen or people are paid by the hard earned revenue generated by the public and the appointing authority. It is a let down to the trust bestowed on them for development of the country. People who make empty promises and find it appropriate not to explain why there is no take-off of any project should be given the red-card by their bosses because they are a letdown to the country.

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With Odongo Odoyo


With keen interest l was following the event unfolding in Beijing, China where almost 50 African heads of States were expected to gather and chat forward issues of bilateral relationship between the continent and Africa. In the last five years, over 60 African heads of States have visited the oriental land. My concentration was consumed by our communication with one of my friends and colleague Larco Lomayat who was in Beijing and in constant review of activities down there where President Salva Kiir had arrived safely among other African heads of States leading a powerful delegation (see pictorial P.9). We have decided to run full text from Larco which he sent to me immediately the delegation arrived in Beijing. Read below:-

President Salva Kiir Arrives China to participate at FOCAC in Beijing

Dear all,

Greetings from Beijing, China – August 28, 2018

South Sudan President, H. E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, his wife (The First Lady Madam Mary Ayen Mayardit) and the accompanying delegation arrives in China on Tuesday to join other 50 (Fifty) African Heads of States and government to participate at FOCAC in Beijing. The Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) is an official forum between the People’s Republic of China and the states in Africa.

This year’s summit which will take place from September 3rd and 4th is the seventh.

South Sudan was unanimously accepted in the forum in 2011 during a senior official meeting in Hangzhou, China.

This is a noble cause for one who is seriously interested in peace and development. It is a cause which should be supported by citizens of goodwill who would like to see their country rated in the world as human rights protector instead of the other way around. It is therefore with sadness that latest report from Khartoum came as a shock to many that some parties to the conflict had declined to sign the peace agreement when the last part of the process was expected. It would be of national interest to collectively and jointly work towards peace. The country is in need and the larger majority wants to continue with normal life. It could be said that By President Kiir attending and joining other leaders his intention is to bring the country to closer relationship with others worldwide which could lead to soliciting for effective socio and economic development. People of good faith should leave their personal interest and focus on the development of the country. It was good news before going to press last evening that the parties who had initially declined to sign the agreement had accepted to ink the deal. God is great it is going to happen at a time when oil production is taking shape. It means the revival of the economy.

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