Why do rich people want to show off?

By Marial Marial Kuac

In my country South Sudan, many do help the needy just for publicity. Before they start doing something to the needy, the first and the foremost thing they do, is to take phone, take a selfie with the needy one and post the picture on social media platforms and wait for the number of likes and praises. This sounds really awkward. The one who really wants to help the vulnerable doesn’t crave for limelight.

I wonder how many of those will help the needy if they are not watched by anyone. It really irritates me when someone feeds the poor and pose for the camera. I don’t blame people keeping those memories in a photograph. But posting the same on social media just to show off that they are good is a kind of boasting but nothing else.

I know a lot of people somewhere are helping the needy citizens and they have never displayed it; I owe them respect.

You don’t have to carry a camera along whenever you are helping the destitute. Deeds should be done with good intention but not for seeking others attention. You don’t have a difference with politicians if you can’t help the needy without broadcasting /campaigning about yourself.

Better change your status to “Need attention “instead of boasting 24/7 on social media. A real altruistic person doesn’t let his/her left hand know what right hand does.

When you have something that you want the public to know, they have no problem coming up and bothering you about it. As far as my understanding is concerned, depending on rich people socioeconomic status, things can look pretty much the same, but come from very different reasoning.

Most people with higher socioeconomic status, aka “rich people” or “socialites”, tend to do this out of self-indulgence and hedonistic tendencies. As far as I understand about the mindset of this kind of people, most, if not all of them could be particularly ignorant to the fact that not everybody can afford such a lavish lifestyle. Their bizarre obsession in looking the best they could possibly be, and publicly so, with lack of concern to things like social comparison can be a big headache. This obsession to brag about their wealth, in turn create an unnecessary void on people with lower socioeconomic status to fill out.

In the book of Matthew 6:1-4; it says. When you do good deeds, don’t try to show off. If you do, you won’t get a reward from your Father in heaven. When you give to the poor, don’t blow a loud horn. That’s what show-offs do in the synagogues and on the street corners, because they are always looking for praise. I can assure you that they already have their reward. When you give to the poor, don’t let anyone know about it. Then your gift will be given in secret. Your Father knows what is done in secret and will reward you.

People who brag, who claim publicly to be better than others at something fall into two types: Justified braggarts, who can back up their claim, and errant or erroneous braggarts, who are simply exaggerating. Bragging is risky.  My research shows that braggarts can be perceived as narcissistic and less moral. In case it’s not obvious, regular people with lower socioeconomic status than the socialites had been known to follow trends set by people like celebrities or public figures, which belong to mostly on the said higher socioeconomic status. Having themselves seduced into looking like those people, mimicking their lifestyle or the way they look, checking-into restaurants they checked-in before, affording services they afforded, these people are just following what’s trendy.

As we turn to the Bible for wisdom and discretion, let’s meditate on this piece of encouragement: Don’t close off your heart when you are in the situation of being asked to give to beggars.

This creates a sick paradigm, in which the green-eyed monster is really fed from both sides. One side is creating the hunger of the monster itself, the other is frantically feeding it blindly. Work hard and become successful in life but don’t think of yourself as better than others because of your material wealth. In Deuteronomy 8:18 Moses reminds us, “But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth.

Either way, high or low socioeconomic status, bragging and showing off are social facade, put up by people to give the impression that they are living the life of their dreams, the way other people seem to be having the life of their dreams, no matter how untrue it looks.

It’s a big social problem, at least in my opinion. I’m sorry to say, but the way I look at it, there’s no much you could do to reverse this cycle, the snowball had been rolling down the hill for too long. However, realizing that this is not something we should all succumb to, could really help you.

Giving money to beggars will never teach them to be self-sufficient. It will encourage them to stay on the streets and beg all their life. Begging has become a pity market in South Sudan. Giving money to someone who has no contribution towards the society is stupid but rich people love to do most. They don’t give money to the one having that heart of investment, it is hand to mouth.

It could be considered sinful. You are not doing it out of your accomplishments, you are doing it to brag. I guess, it makes them feel important.

By: Marial Marial Kuac, Social Activist. Reach the writer at email via. bungthiang1997@gmail.com

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