Why did God give you that life?

By Ngor Khot Garang

When I was a young boy years ago, I had this belief that God does not exist or if he surely does, he is unfair and he enjoy the drama that his creatures play with life. I did not believe that God is someone who is good as the bible claims because when I saw the suffering that his own people were going through, I began to ask a lot of questions like “if God truly exist, why didn’t he make life simpler for everyone or give each and every human being a fair share in life?

But as I grew, I realized that I was wrong and I forgave myself for having doubted the existence of God. I didn’t ask God for forgiveness because I know he was sure enough that I was only a child and it was not bad for me to think that way but gradually as I age, I became conscious of the fact that God truly exist and he love us more than anything in spite of the circumstances surrounding our lives. I was also convinced that if God didn’t love us as we sometime thinks, we wouldn’t be here on this earth.

There must have been something that challenged God and gave him the idea of creating man in his own image but sometimes the challenges we face on daily basis lead us into believing that God abhor us and he did not seem to care when we needed him and am so sorry to mention that this poor belief with some other negative excuses have not only contributed to the failure of many people but it has cost them their own lives. There were people who were created lame, blind, dull or dumb and when they realized that they had abnormalities that differentiate them from the rest, they committed suicide leaving the purpose for which they were created hanging in the balance. And some of the young men who have put their hands on everything without any sign of success did the same thing, they gave up forever. Some of them are swimming in the world of drug while others are busy on the street stealing from people who have once tried like them and they never give up. 

Let me tell you something, God’s plans for humanity can be tricky or let me say funny sometimes. You can be poor or whatever kind of person you think you are but that should not give you a ground to give up or doubt the existence of God. Life wasn’t made to be easy and that is the first think you must understand before pressing the give up button, people had to struggle whether able or disable, all are in the same boat but what matters is how one use the time and energy that God has given him or her and the first step to doing this is believing in yourself more than anything that has ever existed in this world simply because you are the best in the whole world.

There are people and sometimes I do pity them when they look at themselves in the mirror, they begin to think that if it was God who really created them, then he must have been creating other people not them and they became a result of divine accident. Millions of people not in South Sudan but the whole world had this belief in their minds; they think that men and women who are successful in life today are the right people who were created for purpose by God and not them. But one thing they have forgotten is life itself. Life is something that can never be given easily, it involve trust and confident to do that.

When you are given life, you are lucky because that is the first sign that God has given you everything that only needs you to dig within yourself to find them. I don’t understand what comes into your mind when you hear the sad news of a woman who just gave birth to a child and the child did not live to breath. If there is someone who has every right to say he/she was created by accident, it would be that child but someone who is still alive and breathing like the rest should not think this way. This is not good, you have all it takes but you are still crying. This can and will never help in any situation, we need to be strong always and fight back every battle. The world as we all know is full of problems and we are the one to solve them not God or anybody else. We just need to love who we are and appreciate the little we have even when we don’t have anything to eat, we have to glorify God for having given us this kind of life.

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