Why Christian University of Science and Technology should operate?

I am confused why the Christian University is allowed to operate between the office of Administration of SSCUST and the office of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. In fact I would like to pass this message on behalf of the students of this University that they are not comfortable for termination for a half year without lectures starting from second year to forth year students without for further study. That is why I would like to put this message into writing so that the government will decide and find out the resolution for abandoning for the operation of the University.  For this reason Christian University of Science & Technology is a private university and it is amongst the best private universities in the country.

As I witnessed the Christian University stayed for five months without operating. Yet this university is for the country at the same time it is winning up the brain of the children of this country to pursue their studies so as to become leaders for tomorrow in this nation.

It is a surprise to terminate two batches of students who are supposed to graduate in May-2017 and others in December-2017.

In fact it seems the foreign universities and foreign students, who have been taught, are favoured.

For that reason I would like to ask the government or the Ministry of Higher Education that the country spent twenty-one years in the bush without further education as we are aware that we are behind in terms of education and development compared to other countries.

I appeal to the government to work on this university so that students can further their studies through acquisition of knowledge in order to apply their academic skills and experience in the whole country. Therefore the private universities always support the government universities in academics because the government universities would not accommodate all the students in the whole country. But it is part of the best ways to promote private universities in the country.

The South Sudan Christian University has to accommodate a lot of students as we are aware that since its operation in Juba, even the government has knowledge about it.

As for those who have graduated three years ago they are all South Sudanese citizens.

For that reason I would like to urge the government to promote education of South Sudan by improving more private universities and colleges. The government should also provide more scholarships and other sectors that help to improve lives children in future.

All in all the challenges facing citizens of this country must to be correct and address the system of education in the country.

The government should enact and promulgate restrict laws for those who maintain their children in the villages without for further studies because some people will not know the function of education.

They should just go to learn through the hands of the government.

If the government contributes to embrace education at every state and observes the situation facing each state then I think authenticity of forming the slogan One People One Nation will be viable.

In conclusion, Christian University of Science and Technology should be allowed to operate normally so that students can resume lecturers rather than closing it. Then the process of its continuity will be handled by the government to mandate and find the solution forward.

I think no one is above the government rules or regulations. Then if there is a problem with university, in fact it is the same government to address and implement.

God Bless South Sudan and its people.

The writer is reachable via email: wekpeterayom@gmail.com

BY PETER WEK AYOM WEK.                      

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