Why celebrating New Year ought to be preferred to Christmas

By: Agar Mayor Gai

Our world is full of anniversaries and days that are very important that they deserve honoring and much tributes when it comes to a show of their vitality. One oldest of such days is the day of the creator which he blessed after finishing with the work of his hands and mind; this day though, is believed to be followed and honored by all that he created. Up to date, though there exists opposition, this day of the lord is valid and still being followed and honored weekly by the keepers of the God’s law.

However, as humans, created in the like of our creator, we have our own days such as the day of independence, the birth date of a person and any other day of an important event in our family, national or global calendar. In putting those days aside for honorable reasons, we must always, in one concrete way or another, be in position to demonstrate and make evidences to those who know not your reason of celebrating it.  How do we make other people believe that this or that day deserves high-mindedness?

 As a South Sudanese, it is crystal clear that if asked about the importance of 9th July, 2011, you will much to say starting from the coming of Arabs and later the Turkish conquest of the Sudan, the coming of White people and how they got united with the Egyptians to rule of the Sudan, the independence of Sudan from the British and eventually closing the story with the CPA agreement of 2005 which divided the Sudan in to two. With the C.P.A, someone will not have to make known others the steps followed before reaching the agreement. The stories of Anya-nya one and two between 1955 and 1972, the SPLA between 1983 and 2005 must first be known in order to demonstrate in an acceptable manner the reasons for putting aside 9th July, 2011. All these happenings have evidences and records in the South Sudanese history.

The same applies to biblical anniversaries and days, when it comes to the day of worship; there is a record of what day it is in the seven days of the week. It is recorded in the book of Exodus 20; 8 -11 that ‘’Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy’’, ‘’in six days you shall labour but the seventh day is for the lord’’. If however asked by a non-Christian why we honor the seventh day, we will have much records and evidences to present to the unbeliever. This is what shows that for a good reason, you are considering and honoring one event or another.

But though, most often, we tend to put aside some days for reasons we cannot much have records and evidences to present to the ones who know not. One of such days I have, for long, been celebrating without evidence is what is coined as the day of birth for the Christ. With the bible being the recorder of dates for faith-based events, I doubt if there exists in it the record 25th December as the birth date for the Christ. And because I am too young and might not have learned much from the bible I would appreciate if someone outside will kindly make a reply to this article quoting from the bible, a verse which has this record.

However, if there is not a verse showing that, I will conclude that because the date 25th December every year has not biblical record, why not putting much more consideration and honor to 1th/1 every year? As the New Year unfolds, we ought to thank and ask for more protection in the New Year from the creator of heavens and earth.  Others have not made it even to one second of the year you have breathed and lived for twelve months. It is worth honoring and thanksgiving to the creator that every 1th January, we must gather and appreciate him for the protection and all that he blessed us in the past year. It is my prayer that in these few remaining days, we stay peacefully and morally that we do not violate the laws of the creator through torontoing, drunkenness and sexual abuse.  We ask for a new beginning with implementation of the Khartoum peace agreement in the New Year.  We are tired of war and would like to live in peace, be prosperous and eliminate the spirits of tribalism, nepotism, corruption and hatred in the New Year 2020.

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