It is almost over two months since the dollar rate came down from the upshot of 600SSP plus to 450SSP down.  The taming by the Central Bank of the green-buck had sent hope to many families who could not put three meals a day on the table with high expectation that prices of basic commodities would sink lower. That was expectation which was coupled with promises from different authorities and bodies  to bring the skyrocketing price hikes to their knees. To date nothing has happened and those promises and roadside announcement remained a dream to many citizens. There were promises from the chamber of commerce, the business union, the city council and a load of mouths that they would make sure skyrocketing prices were tamed if and when the dollar slumped nothing so far has happened even those who promised to be monitoring traders have gone silent. Is it a coincident or it is collaboration to fleece members of the public from their hard earned savings? Traders no longer talk about dollars like before. What could be happening in the local market? While it is accepted that free market dictate its own prices, abnormalities in price range cannot be allowed and must be brought to order by the authorities. It should not be that some people or institutions are shouting during the day in favour of the common-man while at night they are talking different languages. There are strong indications that some of the people in the forefront of shouting high are behind some of the traders or businesses that do not want to lower or bring home prices to pocket friendly atmosphere It is pointless to cry crocodile tears at the expense of the consumers who are left with no alternative but to suffer from exploitations in the name of dollars.

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