Why any church leadership must differ from for the rest

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

As a believer though not of Catholic faith, I must register my concern for the ongoing power wrangles among the lost sheep of God. It is biblical and holy that any church of God or not must have a leader. However, how we choose the leader from among the rest must always have us guided by the heavenly guidelines as noted down in his holy book. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 3; 1-12 what our creator requires of whom to lead his flock. It goes further to tell us that it is never a sin to want to lead his church but what matters the most is whether you are fit for the duty; faithful, blameless and holy, preacher and a doer of God’s ways. This means that church leadership is biblical and holy and that a leader must always be chosen based on faithful stand in the church.

But though, the problem comes in when the church people see leadership in the view of the world; the view of riches, pride and superiority. This is the view of ungodly leaders. They fight for power expecting riches if later accorded the duty. This is never among any God’s church and people.  I must admit that the current dispute in the Catholic Church is and will ever be a loophole in and around all the Christian churches though, some Christians in other churches may have reflected real biblical leadership. When one dedicates their self to the work of the lord, it matters less where you would serve him. It means that a man of God works for any people, state, community or country. It sounds ungodly and earthly for any community to reject a bishop that he hails not from their state. This is so strange and a big sin in biblical leadership which holds that all people belong to God and must serve him alone. The fact that the people of Juba Diocese are rejecting Stephen Ameyu as their Arch bishop signals to the ears of other faith based believers such as I that the Catholic Church has opted to stay away from the godly ways of leadership and that they have adopted the earthly one. What is the difference between the issue of Catholic Church and for our president and his vice? They are both aimed at personal interests and not for the lord or the people respectively.

I wonder why a church would claim holiness and not going by what the creator requires of them. The Bible says that seek wisdom and shall it be granted unto you, and with this, I urge the catholic church members to ask for understanding and faith from the lord, a faith that will show them the way to go; the way of holiness, wisdom and power to follow all the commandments and teachings of our lord Jesus Christ.

 It is never every people or church which follows the commandments of our God but the determined ones do it to their best with directives and strength from the heavenly host. Satan is never happy seeing people praising and acting towards the great commission as told by Jesus Christ and as though, he brings in his people and other times, church such that they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Let all the other churches be too watchful and alert that the current issue in the Catholic Church does not scare away people from joining Christianity. And let our efforts be doubled to bring in new people through programs of evangelism such as on streets, at gatherings and through TMI as for the Sabbath keeping people across the world. This will strengthen the people of God such that the problems as this one would not ever happen again.

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