Why always you?

By Ngor Khot Garang

Within the course of this week, I have had the pleasure of chatting with a young man probably my age or so. On Wednesday this week, I felt some vibration on my thigh and when I dug my hand into my pocket, no wonder it was a text message which I read: “Hello Ngor, thanks for the work you are doing… But brother, I just don’t know if what you have written about hope is true and real. I’m struggling all alone in life, I feel lost and forsaken. I am trying one in every five things and it is not working out, guess I’m not giving up but I will never stop asking God why it is always me”.

This message was brief but very powerful and I was touched beyond reasonable doubt that a young man like him would find the audacity to send such a nerve-racking message to someone he just came to know in the newspaper. No, this must be something serious. He must be facing a lot but he is trying all he could to be strong and surely he will win in times to come if he continue with that never-give-up spirit.  But on the contrary, does he even know what I go through on daily basis? I guess, had I told him my story, he would have blamed himself for having sent that text message to my inbox.

However, we are humans and those emotions can and will never be tamed. Sometimes we may feel that our burdens are much heavier than the ones of those around us but it is not true. Each and every person we meet is carrying a cross and what matters a lot is how we approach and handle those bumpy moments. In life, there will always be those hard times  where we feel alone and forgotten and when you are in the cusp of such times, all you have to do is believe it is not you alone because there are several people who for one reason or the other still believes that you are comfortable. And on the other hand you still think that you are the one who is completely down while forgetting that there are people who have worse or similar stories than we do and they don’t complain. They are pushing harder daily and it is never easy and life is still going on. This however, is what each and every person is going through and nobody is immune, the same challenge you are facing is what I also face but know what? It all goes down to the way we see life.

It is very hard and one thing that is so good about this life is that it works when we remain strong in the midst of difficulties; this is to say that the future and the happiness that you want in your life are just in your hands and this is the time to make it happen. You just have to get out there, rid off your mind the fact that God hate you and fight really hard for what you want because as we all know, in this world, nothing completely is given freely or on a silver platter. One has to be on the loggerheads with life and refuse never to give up because as evidenced by the daily hustle and bustle, it is only life which is given freely but nothing of worth in this life is given freely, perhaps someone has paid for the materials needed or if not, you are the one to pay the prize and doing this is never going to be easy. It will push you down and when you try to get up, you find yourself down with bruises and wounds. And when you try once more to get up, that is surely where your success will start. Just keep moving even if you are doing it alone and ask God for direction when you are getting lost in the journey.      

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