Whoever makes her/himself a sheep will be eaten by the wolves

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

I am of a strong belief, our country’s condition would make one think the dismaying-act, or more so, an act of disheartenment and other times, what real man calls boyhood. This is a plain fact, but before so doing, it is good for one to always think of the open-wide opportunities for all; the ones in the middle of suffering. In other words, we may term them, tear-washing or success-awaiting opportunities. We just have to stay and be contented with them, and until then, the good we want, of this country, would at last, present itself before us. It may be long waiting, but, what else is a better choice than, just have contentment and patience with the little in our hands?

Death, or near-to-death road to Europe, is never a good choice for one, moreover from a country, just as South Sudan. A country where everything planted a few years back, seems ripened and soon, the harvesters will set their sickles ready for the collection. It is unbelievable that, the enjoyers of the fruits, are impatient and so blinded to their future that, dying for a course unnarratable to young, they see as their best choice. True, it could be said, it is failure for the failure of government, that such thing happened, but, the nineteen detained persons in the Libyan state have a share of blame.

The most dangerous thing, people say in this world, is never a die-waiting habit, as I believe these people can say, but, acting the bad act, and thereafter, change comes. This is total impatience and unrewarded-thirst of life, and the actors live a life of regrets and says, that most have if.  Why do I say all these? And what hope has us, to believe in and wait for? Note this, “blessed are the South Sudanese, for belonging to them, are most resources of the earth,” says nature in its small voice.  What then, is making us, deaf enough to hear this voice? Around us, are desires, false hopes and beliefs that, alone in Europe or America, our life can change for good, and then, better. Be aware of these, they are making us blind and deaf enough to hear the nature’s call for the people of this country.

Read this statement, “well, the South Sudanese who were detained in Libya are nineteen in number and of course, these are migrants, these are people who escaped. They do not ask for permission from the embassy, they do not ask anybody, they just find their way and go,” Deng said. Note, “They do not ask for permission from the embassy, they just find their way and go.” Why would one go, to where their government does not know? Won’t anything such as slavery and death happen and if so, why would one choose undignified death; a death, no one would cry, or even know and remember? And broadly, why would one, choose slavery and more so, workforce, that only goes stomach-in?

True, our condition is, at the moment, unfavorable but all, it should never make us act the acts of inferiority and slavery, moreover, in a way that others would undermine and fail to know what we possess, which they do not. This act means that the nineteen, and more others, who thought the Europe thought, have failed to diagnose our country’s problem.

Otherwise, they would rather be slaves, of our black masters, who see, our black man’s problem. Their now, problem in the Arab Republic of Libya, is and will ever be of less concern to all of the highest authority. Whoever makes their self a sheep will be eaten by the wolves. It is never worth saying this, but, it rightly fits the situation.

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