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WHO Press Conference Kicks Off

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday World HealthOrganization (WHO} organized online press conference to brief journalists on the situation of COVID -19 Pandemicin Africa. I was one of the participants who participated in the briefing. The virtual press conference was on-the-record and it was an opportunity for journalists to ask questions on the COVID-19 third wave and measures being put in place for the impending COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Africa.

 Panelists were Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa, Hon. Dr. Osagie E. Ehanire, Minister of Health, Nigeria, Hon Dr. Sidi Zahaf, Minister of Health, Mauritania shared their experiences on the conditions of COVID -19 Pandemic in their respective countries andAfrica as a whole. It was mentioned that in other African countries, there were no enough vaccine to cater all populations.

Other countries had expired and short terms vaccine that cannot stay for long time. Governments in those countries were advised to take care of such vaccine and not use them. There was an idea of developing new strategies with NGOs on how to tackle COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa.

People have to report cases of Coronavirus Pandemic and take care of hygiene in the families, like washing hands with clean water and soap. Wear face masks, keep social distances, avoid greeting by hands and other forms of measures.  Several countries have challenges of oxygen; it was not enough to cover hospitals that result to the dead of many people. Production unit of oxygen was expected to produce enough; there was plan on how to increase oxygen in the countries.

The experts would like to know the cause of severed virus in African countries and how could be the prevention measures? Some countries have not seen the sequences and how it affected the neighboring countries. It is important to work closely with NOGs that support the programme and share experiences. 

      The government in each country should mobilize its people to inject vaccines and keep hygiene in the country. They will continue to observe prevention measures from time to time. 

May God bless us all.

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