A foot for thought

Who is your master?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This question has many answers; you can understand it ina way that who is your master in the place of work, in the country, and elsewhere. Who is your master at the end of the world? Here I mean when you die, who is responsible for your souls.

 Many people have big positions in the country and have power to do whatever they want to do to others. But put in mind that there is somebody bigger than you in the world. Who is evaluating what you did and what you are doing in the world? Some people limit their activities on earth and know what they are doing.

Others are the opposite of what has been mentioned above, they have capacity even for killing people; not putting in their minds that there is somebody who is responsible for all of us in the world.  

Taking an example of what is going on in Ukraine where Russian government is bombing them with different types of weapons. Those who have died and continue dying are counted on who? They were forced to die before their actual time and to leave their country due to the condition where they were in.

What is happening in Ukraine is inhuman and God is seeing the situation of Ukrainian people.  However, your master could be the immediate person who is powerful in terms of finance, and have physical and military strengthen.  Use strength to do good and positive things to others. Don’t use your strength to overtone others.

Put in minds the power you have is given to you by God for purpose, keep it well.

We have many people of such caliber in other communities, if they were given a responsibility; they feel big like nobody is like them, which is a wrong idea.  If you are a boss in the house or anywhere, you are servants to others. Use your energy and what you have for the needs of others because God has given to you the money to support the needy.

May God bless us all.

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