This is an issue that is now directed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to help find out who stole the Juba Monitor’s Motor Bike at the Buluk Police Station. It is unbelievable and a mockery of the system which the top notch hierarchy are out to bring back to discipline the force which has been tainted with mud by some wayward officers who are out to grab anything that comes their way. Juba Monitor has a good working relationship with police in general but as the mouth piece of the public we cannot condone such acts which are dangerous to the general public. That we can speak for them and our own staff is different from those who have no access to such facilities. This act was committed on the wee night of 27th September 2019 at around 9.00pm along the Seventh Day Roundabout when our staff was heading home. He was stopped and as law abiding citizen accepted the order from the officers to take the bike to the station until the following morning when it would be released to him on payment of 1,500 SSP. It is not the money and whether it was for an offence committed or not, it is not important. What is the key concern here is that when he went the following morning the bike was nowhere to be seen. It went missing. After grueling and constant going to the station with our administrator, they were asked to open a case against the suspect(s). Who is or are the suspects here? No, we refused to be taken for granted. This is a crime which occurred in a police station under police custody and they must own it. Let the good General who has been following this matter bring to book those who are bent on tarnishing the name of the station and the police force. The IPG can take the queue from this case to understand the characters of some of the officers harassing the common-man in the name of protection.


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