It is pathetic and unrealistic the ongoing killings of aid or humanitarian workers in parts of the country. It should becondemned in the strongest terms as it is not only denying the needy the provision of assistance which is mostly food items. Of late a number of cases have been reported with the international community heaping blames which are pegged on insecurity. There cannot be any reason(s) why these should not be brought to an end. The government should not allow these happenings to soil the name of the country which, forcing some donors to stop their activities in the affected areas. While the killings have caused fear among the humanitarian workers, the intended assistance are equally going to waste. How would one understand why the killings are still continuing when peace and insecurity are among the top agendas that the authorities are required to deal with. Going by the reaction from different groups and individuals, there seems to be something in the offing that do not sound right. The aid workers being killed have had few if any arrest of the culprits. The killers seems to be having and operating in their own world where they are the law and order. They seems to be a step ahead of the security organs. These kind of illegal and dangerous operations should not be allowed at any or all times. This is the 21st century where technologies are at work and where they can be detected and tracked to whenever the group or gang are operating from. There are gadgets which can foretell any danger on the road, air, sea or rail. If not the security organs must be made to patrol on a 24 hours a day areas which are prone to ambushes and attacks to stop the continued killings not only of the humanitarian workers, but the innocent members of the public.

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