Whoever is repairing this road must be held responsible for the shoddy work that was done not more than six months ago. The main road from Juba to Nimule just near the Kubri or the main Nile Bridge is in daring need of repair. What is not clear is why this sector of this road keeps on being damaged more so when it rains. It is just some months back when motorists and road users breathed shy of relief which seems now to have been short lived. The road is back in its pathetic condition with water flooding sections without signs of drainage. This is to remind those who are charged with the responsibilities of maintaining and caring for this road that they should know that they are doing a disservice to the country and the citizens. This road is the lifeline of the country and should always remain in the top priority list at all the time. It should be in the mind of the maintenance and repair team that without proper care and recommended work on the road, haulage of goods and basic items would not be in short supply from the neighbouring sources. This road needs full attention from Juba up to Nimule. There are qualified engineers who could supervise and ensure the durability of the work done. It should not be a repeat of the past where thin layers are applied for the works which do not meet the standard of the expected service delivery to the common-man. This road should be repaired and made usable for a longer period of time instead of the past and the present experience where it seems graft has taken over the responsibility of being committed to serving the country. Be reminded that this is road serves as 99 percent lifeline of the population.

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