Who is merrymaking between the JEDCO and Ezra Construction and Development group over the power supply in the capital city, Juba because there are contradicting statements that put the two firms in the open to explain to the public why they waited this long to come up with the shutdown agenda instead of addressing it with the relevant authorities? By the time of coming up with the idea, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had just announced the 174.2-million-dollar loan to revamp the country’s economy. Last year they made the same move and the government had to part with three million USD to the project even after paying about eight million of the annual allocation of the total 12 million USD agreed on at the initial stage. Thousands of the expected power clients and customers have paid dearly for the connection. Corporates and other private companies have paid for the connection of power amount running into millions. Public institutions including those offering essential and emergency services to citizens which had applied and connected are yet to be connected and can’t stand to bear the brunt of the shutdown threat. There cannot be any tangible excuse for these firms to keep own dangling carrots whenever they want to be paid. They should come out and be transparent by accounting for what they have been paid and received from customers who they now want to disappoint for being selfish and inconsiderate even to the well-being of the country. Such project that run into million is not a one-day affair and when faced with difficulties, it should be the concern of the whole country not a one man or two firms’ affairs to decide for the millions of consumers unless someone is playing dirty at the expense of the general public. If so, this player should be made public.

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