The Executive Director for Women Advancement Organization (WAO), Susan Pasquale revealed the agony and abuse meted out and what many women are undergoing in the society. These includes being vulnerable to the current economic situation where men are taking the advantage to lure young girls even married women into sex with something small for the family up-keep. This is very unfortunate for our own to take advantage of their own because they have money. Reports are that many houses have been destroyed because husbands cannot stomach some behaviors of their wives. In an African set up, sex outside matrimonial bed is considered a taboo and unacceptable. But what has driven our women into extra relationship? We always blame women for this but we have refused to look at the other side. A woman is a woman, sometimes the prevailing situation will force the woman to do what she has never thought of doing. Cheating outside her marriage. Our situation is compounded with a number of reasons. There is no mother who will sit back and see her children suffer or go hungry. Although this should not be a justification to outside relationship or sex, it has to be understood that sex maniacs on the loose do not miss such opportunities, mostly men, who take advantage of women in needy situation. What WAO Executive Director told us during a visit was touching and going by the confessions they have recorded, it came out that even those in IDP camps who are supposed to be protected are being abused by the same people who are assigned to ensure their safety. These cases have been on the increase and women sometimes find themselves in un-wanting position but can do nothing about it. They are left at the mercy of those men with “gift” for the family. Even those seeking to get firewood are subjected to these kinds of treatments. The begging question therefore, is; who is out there to protect women against unknown or known abuses.


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