It is sad to learn that there are still constant counter military attacks between the forces to the parties of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. What is really trending in the country? Is there hope to complete the implementation of the peace agreement with the current recurrent clashes between the forces who were cantoned in their respective cantonment sites? When asked by the media, the leaders to the forces fighting at Kerwa in Kajo-Keji of Central Equatoria State denied any fighting taking place in that particular area. Then who is causing havoc amidst relative peace the country is witnessing. What does this provocation mean to the public? Where is the country heading to in terms of assuring peace to the civilians? Which is the best way to lead a nation, is it by causing trouble and undermining peaceful mediations? Why does the nation want to subject itself to wars and make all eyes focused on negatives affairs? The culture of causing violence for self interest is a factor which will never allow the country to develop as expected. If those forces continue to fight, how will the country have one unified national army as it is still planning to complete the process for unifying the forces? According to Revitalized Peace Agreement all the forces to parties to agreement are supposed to be cantoned, selected and unified as one national army.  At this juncture it might be unclear to gauge whether the country is determine to have a trusted army that is ready to protect the citizens. Whoever is inciting and commanding the forces in Kajo Keji to enter into unwanted battles should be traced and charged with crimes committed in the area. When people are trying to settle in peace other groups possessing ammunitions are creating uncertainties which are not supposed to occur. For a nation to develop conflicts should be stopped at all cost.

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