Flood has caused havoc in many parts of the country leaving behind destruction of lives and property. It is not very common that each season comes with such force. However, there must be people who should be held responsible although they would wish the country to believe and accept that the destruction caused by heavy down pour could be a natural disaster which cannot be avoided. It is time people learn to take the weathermen seriously. In advanced countries ignoring weather focus is at one’s own risk because it dictates how one should put on and what to expect should it happen. Here nobody cares about the weather focus and the code of dressing in such situation. While everyone is sympathetic with the situation as it affects thousands of households in different parts of the nation, there are those responsible for planning against any disaster threatening the lives of the citizens, rainfall included. They should plan and ensure that in perennial areas, those living there are evacuated or protected before the floods are experienced. The habitants should be made aware of the pending danger instead of living there at the mercy of the situation. The awareness should be given even when the rains are not there for safety. The hue and cry right now from those affected is food, shelter and other basic requirements. This should be done collectively with the government and other key players in the humanitarian world. If reports awash in the media are anything to go by, then there is urgent need for attention and salvaging the situation as plans for permanent solution is being found. The situation should be assessed for purposes of having the right data from the ground instead of leaving room for exaggerations which only portray negative pictures from the affected areas.

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