Whitaker peace initiative launches new project for women empowerment

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative has launched a new project aimed at training women as peace ambassadors.

At least 30 women will benefit from the project in partnership with UN Women under the theme “Woman Peer Education and Peace Ambassadors.”

Speaking during the launch yesterday, UN Women Representative Program Officer, Ikuany Joseph said the training will give women opportunity to acquire knowledge and crucial skills in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution.

“It is a great opportunity for young people especially young women who are partaking the training. It is a continuation of what was started by other people as we already know women have 35 percent provision in government,” Ikuany said.

“UN Women is committed to support and work with you on your journey to finding a sustainable peace because WPDI is one of our key partners that work with young people and have done an excellent job with South Sudanese,” Ms. Joseph said.

WPDI Program Coordinator, Mr. Bush Buse said there was need to have specific program for young women to offer them knowledge and skills.

“This project is an opportunity for young women because it is time for women to come up and speak to fellow women and influence society. We received over 197 gentlemen and only five women but we don’t know what is happening for women because you see, men are dominating positions,” Mr. Buse said.

He added that women play significant roles in the country, “they can bring lasting peace in South Sudan and bring peace in community.”

“We have many courses that are running in this center, conflict resolution education, business and information Computer Technology (ICT) the job that we have given you is to become peace ambassadors,” he told the women.

Meanwhile Susy Gulliver, WPDI Office Manager said through the project, women will “be strong to run their own businesses.”

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