Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

It is good to learn that the Yei-Kaya road construction is soon to start. This work is among development agenda laid down by the government. It will make it easy for traders and producers to ferry their goods and produces in and out of the country.

Effective and proper road-network makes life bearable and simple because of the availabilities of transport and access to areas which need public service delivery. An indicator of improved development is taking shape and those behind the move should be commended.

However, one road which needs urgent attention is the main Juba-Nimule road. It is one road which is a lifeline to the country and letting go down the drain is not helping improve the situation.

There must be someone responsible and who is supposed to take care of this main highway which links the country with her neighbours and which is the main land transport for business and goods coming in and going out of the country.

For agriculture, education and health facilities to prosper, produce and be accessible, roads must be in good condition to meet the standard of the people being served. Not all must be tarmacked. But Murram roads should be kept in good condition. It is only logical that the Juba- Nimule road which is the main highway should be in good condition. It is not the first time the attention of the authorities charged with repairs and maintenance are being raised. It might be that there is no money set aside to do major repairs, but the little which is available should be used to repair sections which are agape with potholes like craters all-over the 192 kilomtres road.

There should be no excuse on this one because the life of everyone depends on it. This is the truth which must be faced by the concerned authorities.








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