Editorial 24th June 2018

Reports from the last peace talks in Addis Ababa between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy, Riek Machar did not yield much as a number of contentious issues still remained unresolved. They are supposed to meet in Khartoum today according to earlier report and try to resolve the unresolved issues and come out with workable plan of action. The government delegation left Juba yesterday a day ahead of the proposed meeting. It is expected that something good will come out of the talks before another step is taken to Nairobi and finally to Addis Ababa again within a short period of time. Hopes against hopes still linger and the majority have given it a chance with high hopes and expectations. This time considering the tireless efforts by the government particularly, President Kiir who has been able to cross the borders in search for peace. When it comes, he will stand among few leaders to be congratulated for their tireless efforts to ensure peace is back in the country. The most important thing right now as this seems to be gearing towards the final whistle or end of the long journey in the search for peace, there should be harmony among all key players and they should approach this with sobriety and honest trust considering the suffering people have undergone since the breakout of the conflict. This time hopes are high because those meeting are the main leaders of the warring parties. They have come face to face and still they are going to do so with all eyes and ears looking at them and open to what they will come out with. These hopes were demonstrated by the multitude on the return of the President from Ethiopia where hundreds of thousands thronged Juba International  Airport with songs and dances to welcome him back and talking of nothing but the expected peace. This is what everyone is waiting for now. Peace.

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