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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Sometimes one wonders where others have taken their “Guard of Honour” which is well associated with members of the security and military forces. I am tempted to ask this because of the simple argument purposes. I stand to be corrected, the standoff between or among the UN soldiers at the Juba International Airport (JIA) raises eyebrows’ and beg some answers. Be it as it may, that they came from Ethiopia and their time to go back home to their duty stations and let new batch come in to take over under the same umbrella, why they would create a scene citing internal problems which were far out of their mandate. It is not proper to spill the beans outside one’s jurisdiction and going by the oath of office worldwide, security organs undergo almost similar office oath which is to serve one’s country diligently. I am not in this bracket but l have witnessed so many oaths taking by security organs that l am well aware and know very well what it entails in all circumstances. What these soldiers did or that breakdown in protocol at the airport gives a very negative picture of any disciplined force if they are.  It is unfortunate that it happened and witnessed by the public domain. The centre of the matter can now be attended to by the UN Mission they were serving. It is not understood why they left the matter hidden until they reached the airport unless there were some other matters that they could have brought to the attention of the UN before leaving for the airport to demonstrate publicly what would have been handled internally. At the UN, these forces were not serving the interests of their country but that of the UN and that has been drawn in the program by the same body. This is why my argument is that they would have approached and solved the matter in whichever way before making it public and nasty to those who witnessed the whole saga. Every one of us lives within borrowed time which must effectively be used for the well-being of mankind. In all situations it has been argued that an African problem needs African Solution. This is the fact which must always remain in our hearts to remind us of our origin. The Ethiopia problem which was on the table is right now receiving the African solution and should not be extended or played in the hand of external opaque forces which are likely to inflict more harm to our well-being in the name or under the pretext of helping the continent solve its own problems. While l believe that all of us have the right to freedom of expression, time and place of that matters. It is illogical to claim that anywhere any time that can be done. Thank God the incident happened when arms had already been taken away from these forces. If not another tragic history would have been written at the airport as a result of the standoff.

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