Where is the money allocated for Coronavirus?

By Ngor Khot Garang

One day I was just thinking and I came to a conclusion that if coronavirus kills all of us, the government as the right body to protect the citizens during this testing time would have to carry all the blame. We know that the virus is a matter of life and death but we are still hiding behind flimsy excuses that it is mild and one can do with it.

It seems like coronavirus is opening doors for people who want to get rich overnight and they want to profit from it before it is gone. But how can one, who has everything, money cars and houses take advantage of such awful situation as a way of amassing wealth?

That can’t be but at some points based on what I have seen somewhere, it can be true that we are times of crisis that people should not put personal interests at the expense of public interest.

But this is not my area of focus; I just want to know why the government is still allowing coronavirus patients to stay with their families when they know that the virus is contagious and can spread from one person to another within a short span of time. Does this mean that the government is not concerned about the well-being of its people or what is the end goal here?

The coronavirus patients including those whose samples have been taken for testing should have been isolated from their families to avoid further spread of the virus and given all the essential needs like food and water.

But the failure to put this as a way of curbing the virus is a national failure and we all has a share and will all be prepared to pay for it. The citizens of the country have a body that they can rely on in times of disasters and that is the government itself. But it seems the government itself is shaking. But the question is who will save the people from this virus when the people who have all the powers and might are hiding their tails and going about their own businesses.

It was said earlier that the government has allocated some money to help stop the spread of the virus but it seems like this money has been used for other purposes when majority of people can’t afford decent meal a day.

We had hoped that the money released by the government and other partners would have been enough to buy enough ventilators and pay frontline workers but instead we are seeing new V8 cars and inexcusable rise in the virus cases in the country.

This kind of reluctance will never be tolerated. We are human beings and also needs to survive amidst this pandemic. If the government does not want to isolate coronavirus patients, let them reopen schools because the same children we are protecting from this virus are the same children who are staying at home with coronavirus patients.      

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