Where is our own culture?

Does it mean that when people get used to town life should forget where they originated from? Civilization allows us to adapt different cultures or the customs of other folks. Civilization needs to be applied in a proper way to transform the behaviors of people to match up with the rest of the World but not in such a way to destroy the traditional cultures.

I think no one wants to be reminded of the ancient life especially those who once lived in the villages. They curse that painful life in rural areas because they lacked excess to what they wanted for bettering themselves. They have experienced privileged life. Change is certain that everyone wants. All of us wish and extremely want to work hard to make differences.

In past years, people were moving naked due to deficiency of clothes. People didn’t have flexible life especially girls and women. When you find a village lady, she looks rough and tough.

When they come to the town, they adopt new life where they beautify themselves with cosmetics. This modern world is teaching everyone to learn something new. There is cleverness and creativeness. They recreated themselves to look winning and young again.

It is clear that all village dwellers want to shift to town because they are tired of life with limitations. They prefer cities because they usually see civilized ones too smarter and richer.

Many of us now are addicted to this life. One thing that many of us don’t understand is that philosophies should be kept safe from distortion. Awkwardly, some people are pampering the customs. They should be honest and admit that where they came from is their foundation. No one can live without a society or an origin.

I have seen many people ignoring and denying their backgrounds.  I need to make it clear that traditional marks and tattoos are for purpose of communities and those who have practiced them should not be discriminated from a group or society. We are still the same.

If someone has got some marks on the forehead, lower teeth removed and circumcision done; he/she deserves respect and equal treatment just like the rest.

At the side of the girls, the ones in town behave proudly like queens. They want to be above the village ones. They see themselves more beautiful and transformed. This discouraged the girls in the village and when they get a chance to come to city, they grab cream and bleach themselves. The girls of nowadays want to be equal. What they are doing is destructive. They all want to be brown or red.  I don’t know if they should be called tomatoes and mangoes.

As town life has encouraged young people to get excess to what they want, they are forgetting their grass roots.

See how they are dressing and how they dance in the discos and parties, what do you think? Yes they should be social and elastic to participate in modern activities but they must appreciate their cultures. Those who went to other parts of the world never wanted to be identified with any cluster. Who are they? Can someone be living without a traditional heritage? I don’t think so. All of us have our grand-people; we have to inherit their customs and used them as guidelines for learning about good and evil.

So tell the girls not to act as if they come from another planet. Tell them not to come with western cultures not because those cultures are immoral but because they don’t match with ours.

A child must do what the father and the mother does.  South Sudanese know how to dress respectfully. Even when we were in the village, young girls used to wear hide or skin to avoid private parts of the body from being exposed.

Why are our girls bringing unknown system? Did this thing of showering with bleaching-lotions exit during the time of our grandmothers? The way of dressing is ugly and not pleasant.

Parents must advice their young girls not to put on don’t sit kind of skirt. They should not wear those too-tied jeans. Tell your young boys to stop pulling down the trousers. If you don’t advise them, the insults will directly go back to you. Teach your children your traditions. Narrate to them some stories that could open their minds to know about the differences of past and the present life. Make them wise to appreciate the diversity. Teach them to respect elders and other age mates.

The structures which are concerned with cultural values have to motivate the young ones to respect and practice their own cultures in order not to forget derivation.

By Akol Arop Akol

The writer is a high school student reachable via: akol.akol49@gmail.com

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