Where is Nelson19-year-old father?

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The pain of growing up without a father is still fresh on the minds of 19-year-old Nelson Duku as he continues the search for his father.

The last time Nelson saw his father was in 2008 before South Sudan got independence.

 Nelson told Juba Monitor that he would wish to see his father again.

Born in 2000 in Khartoum, Nelson Duku has been single raised by his mother and Aunties.

Since 2008, makes 12 years and Nelson Duku is a grown up man currently in secondary education and hoping to join University.

All Nelson knows is his father is a kakawa and believed to be one responsible man living in Khartoum now he will take good care of him if he is found.

Nelson said he had so many challenges growing up such as school fees and other basic needs for himself.

Nelson is not alone; he was born together with an elder sister who is currently staying in Khartoum with his biological mother.

What beats Nelson’s understanding is that every time he inquires about his father from the Mother, she gets mad and doesn’t say anything.

“I have tried several times to ask my mother about the whereabouts of my father, but she tells me nothing and becomes so mad at me”, said Nelson.

Wondering what might have happened between his mother and father causing that bitter relationship.

From the hearsays from Nelson’s aunties, he is told his mother and father are not in good terms and never talked to each other.

Nelson alleged that he is not receiving the best treatment from his aunties and this reminds him of all the reasons to look for his father. “Am staying with my mother’s sisters and they are not treating me well, my mother is in Khartoum with my elder sister”, said Nelson.

All Nelson remembered is his father’s name Duku and he made several attempts to get the father’s national ID from the mother but all in vain.

Nelson believed that through his father’s ID, it will be easy to trace his father and be able to reunite with him.

Siama Severvino, a kakwa by tribe is Nelson Duku’s mother and is from the defunct Yei River state according to Nelson.

Nelson Duku appealed to any well-wisher who might be knowing where about his father to help him in the searching.

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